FLIGHT Training


To commence your flight training, initially, the best way to introduce yourself to aviation is to take a 15-20 minute Trial Instructional Flight.  Jarden Aviation conducts this flight at a cost of just $85.00, which consists of a briefing on the various controls and features of the aircraft.  Once airborne, your instructor will  hand over the controls after a demonstration, allowing you to feel what it is like to fly.


Before qualifying for a Student Pilot  You must be at least 15 years old to start learning to fly.

To fly solo you will need:

*Aviation Reference Number and proof identity;

* Passed an aviation medical (3 options);

* Obtained an ASIC or AVID (if 18 years or older).

Once your instructor is satisfied with your standard, he/she is then able to send you on your first solo. Prior to first solo the Pre Solo written exam must be passed.

Normally the flight training required to achieve first solo takes approximately 15 hours of dual instruction.


After completing your first solo, your flight training now incorporates more advanced flight manoeuvres, which prepares you to fly solo within the Training Area.  A Pre Area Solo exam must be passed, and 3 hours as pilot in command  must be accumulated prior to being permitted into the training area solo.  Once flying solo in the training area you will be able to practice and enhance the skills you have learnt, to reach the required standard to carry passengers.  An in house theory exam must be passed prior to a flight test.

With this qualification you now have the privilege to fly your family and friends within a 25nm radius from your departure airport.

The minimum hours required for a RPL are:

* at least 20 hours dual flight time;

* 10 hours as pilot in command.


The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) qualifies you to fly as pilot in command (PIC), throughout Australia, carrying passengers by day.

The flight training required to achieve this licence consists of a number of cross-country flights.

The theory involved will includes subjects such as:

* Navigation

* Aerodynamics

* Meteorology

* Flight Planning

* Power plants

* Flight Rules and Air Law

* Aircraft systems

After the required flight training, and the theory passed your instructor will recommend you for a flight test.

The minimum hours required for a PPL are:

* at least 40 hours total flight time;

* 5 hours cross-country as pilot in command.


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